Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Erase and Rewind ('cause I'll be changing my mind)

Ok, yes, I just made a new layout plan for my tiny house. But hey, a girl can change her mind.  It just so happens that I was interested in finding out more about the idea I had of a moss roof, so I googled "tiny house moss roof" and found >>this<< piece of lovelyness. Needless to say, I fell head over heels for the open kitchen area and book shelf wall, so I decided to rethink my layout once again. As I've been avoiding the city for the past few days, hanging out with my mom in the countryside, I haven't had time to do a SketchUp of it yet, but mom - who is also planning to build a house on wheels - drew it up on her computer in Photoshop. So here it is, the new and improved version:
The blue area shows where the loft extends to. Basically, you enter through the double doors and find the kichen stretched along the right short wall. (I'd like a bay window here, to put lots of fresh herbs in, but we didn't draw that in. In fact, since we used mom's drawing for her house as a base, the outline of her porch is still there, but never mind that.)
The wood stove will be on the left side of the entrance and a kitchen table with chairs will be right in front it, next to a big window on the opposite wall. Along that same wall will be the sofa/guest bed which will be right up against the bookshelf wall which leads (through a sliding door) into the bathroom. To the left of the bathroom, hidden behind the bookshelf wall, will be a pull-out wardrobe. 
I'm really happy with this design because it feels more open, spacious, and better proportioned and balanced.

Today we visited a shot blasting company to find out what it will cost to turn our (now quite rusty) trailers into shiny beauty queens. It was more than we hoped, but we managed to get the price down a bit by asking the big boss man to do them both at the same time (and batting our eye lashes a little more than usual.) He certainly enjoyed having two ladies in his office and after showing us most of the pictures on his iPhone (including the house he built and the view from it, his grand children, and some vacation pictures from Spain), as well as his carpenter journeyman diploma (presented to us in a nothern dialect O_ô), and telling us how much taxes he paid last year and about all the other businesses he runs, he offered to also throw in the stuff I need to treat the wood for my house (which I don't want to paint) and show me how to do it properly :)

We also stacked up all of the material we've been given so far (for free!) today. Oh, the pure joy I feel when looking at those planks, boards, panels, studs, and trusses!

(and that's not even all of it!)

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