Friday, 22 February 2013

Funky Functionality

A tiny house builder/dweller told me recently that the number one tip she could give me would be to draw, draw, and draw. You get new ideas and a better overview of what your house would actually look like when you put it down on paper - even if it's just basic sketches. I took her word for it and sat down to brainstorm. (Before I had only made some design ideas in Google SketchUp when I first had the idea of building a house on wheels. I think it's a very good start, but with a blank sheet I've actually had some new sparks of genius!)

Let's start with the SketchUp design, so you know the general layout. Don't mind the Swedish - a lot of my ideas have changed since making this, but the entrance, kitchen area, loft, and extra bed/seating area are still in the same place (Inside measurements are 600x250x330 cm):

You know those slim, tall, arched windows from an old castle tower that were given to me? These ones:

Well, I had this idea of building a bay window - something like this:

Then I thought that really, wouldn't it be cool to build a storage bench along the short side, skip the traditional table and chairs, and instead create a more asian style (raised) floor seating with a low table? Something like this:

It would give me plenty of storage, more floor space, and a great dining area that could be turned into a guest bed by simply unstacking the cut-to-size foam cushions and placing them side by side, creating a mattress - like this:

Pretty groovy, no?!

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