Monday, 18 February 2013

The Best Things are Free

Sure, there is laughter and love, but boy how my heart hops when I'm given building materials - totally free of charge! I spent my Sunday off (only two weeks left of service-slavery now!) with my mother, who has been a very busy bee indeed. She is this brilliant force of nature who forces nature to behave how she wants (as a landscape architecht and general green-finger-goddess), who knows too many carpenters, builders, excavators, decorators, plumbers, electricians, farmers, and utility men to count on all my fingers and toes. These fabulous men in overalls (they happen to all be men) are like wells of wisdom when it comes to everything anyone might need to know if deciding to, say, build a tiny house on wheels. Also, these men in overalls often come upon material left-overs such as planks and boards, bricks and tiles, and sometimes even 18th century double doors and arched windows from a castle tower. And when these men in overalls do, since a few months back, they give it to my mom and me! So lo and behold, my tiny house treasures:
Paneled double doors. These will be my front doors, which will have to be reinforced during winter with inner doors that will keep the heat in.

Arched windows There are eight of them, but I'm not sure they're all in good enough shape to use. I will have to mount them in pairs to make double glaze windows (for isolation purposes).

 Lovely door handle which I intend to use for the bathroom sliding door.

 Two of these tyres will go on my trailer. The board pile is growing...

More material...

Perfect size bathroom window!

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