Wednesday, 20 March 2013

One Man's Trash...

This is it. My foundation. My beginning of a home. (Sure, there's some welding and blasting to be done, but it's only days away now! Yeah, it's upside down in the pic.) I bought the truck frame from a farmer and it cost me 750 SEK, which was the scrap price. The wheel axle (tyres included) cost 6250 SEK from the scrapyard. A friend of my mother's has sawed off a big piece of unnecessary metal from the frame and will weld the axle on, stabilize the frame, and add metal plates with pre-drilled holes to which I will attach the floor joists. I will pay him 5000 SEK. Then the trailer will be sand blasted and painted to prevent it from rusting. This will be done by a professional for 4500 SEK, giving me the total cost of 16500 SEK (about $2550 / £1685 / €1970). A lot of money, but a lot less than it would have been to buy a brand new trailer. This one will, from the research I've done, happily carry about the same weight - 5 tonnes / ~11 000 pounds - as a trailer that would cost me nearly five times as much (in Sweden). Can't wait to see it finished!

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