Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stay Calm, and Take a Bath

We're on the slow side to start building our tiny houses, mom and I. Basically, we need to figure out exactly what is the ultimate way for attaching the thin metal plates that will go on the frame to stop rodents from getting in: should we drill tiny holes it them for venting any potential moist that might otherwise ruin the insulation?; can we somehow construct an air pocket between the metal plates and the insulation instead?; do we need to worry about this in the first place? (According to some highly knowledgeable carpenter and home-builder friends, yes we do); and then, what insulation would be the best?

We have decided to put a thin layer of silicone between the trailer frame and the metal plates, as putting metal against metal is not a great idea - even the tiniest friction would mean eventual rusting, and that would just be not so good.

But while figuring this tricksyness out, I have managed to score the prettiest bathtub the world has ever seen (thanks to my wonderful mamma who found it at an auction site and payed a big chunk of the final selling price as a birthday gift to me) - THANKS MOM!

Behold, the zinc tub of your (well, my) wettest dreams:

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