Saturday, 18 May 2013

Downsizing my downsizing

Some clever fellow said that design is perfect not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to remove. Due to a change of circumstances* the building of my tiny house is dragging, but theoretically, the project is coming along very well. I can even say with confidence that I'm quite happy about the slow process, because I've realized that building a future home (no matter what size) requires a lot of serious thinking, and rethinking (and rethinking).
The issue I've been pondering over has been that my planned house, with a sleeping loft, would be way too tall to be practical. This is because my trailer is not the standard double-wheel kind you see on, for example, the Tumbleweed houses, but rather an old truck frame with a very sturdy wheel axle and huge tires; meaning the bottom of the house (the floor) will already be a meter (about 3.3 feet) from the ground. 
After careful consideration, I've decided to simply skip having a WC in the house for more than one reason: 1) The homestead where my house will stand gives me access to an outhouse and washing (sauna) facilities anyway; 2) The freed up space means I can build a much lower sleeping loft with extra sleeping/relaxing/storage space underneath; 3) Should the day ever come when I move my house to a new location, I can always build an outhouse should I need to; 4) This way, I save on both space, material, and money.
So, here follows yet another SketchUp drawing:

see-through view from front of house.

*And now to the big news: I am, as of today, 8 weeks pregnant, which is still early days, but none the less a pretty massive change of circumstances. Although I had kind of planned for a little one to fit into the old house design, this new one just feels like it creates a great space underneath my bed for a child (once it's no longer a baby). Granted, a bathroom and toilet in the house is very nice when you have a baby, but then again, one right outside doesn't make much difference. A pot and a sink is really all you need.

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