Saturday, 19 October 2013

Demolition Mission

So, the wagon has had some time to settle outside the barn, including a week of quiet contemplation as mom and I headed off to London for a course in active birth at the Active Birth Centre (which was totally awesome and inspiring and something I highly recommend for anyone who is soon to attend a childbirth.)
With every day that passes I move more and more like a duck, and with the SPD I'm really struggling to bend or lift anything heavier than a milk carton. But with a little help (in the aggressive force department) applied to the really tough bits, I've managed to strip the wagons inside and am about to start on the outside (which will take longer due to the thousands of screws all being painted over - which means I'll have to use a heat gun and scrape the paint off before being able to remove the panels.) The frame is really thin so eventually I will have to fatten it up at least to double its current size, in order to get enough isolation to keep warm during the Swedish winter months.

The before pic.

Lots of nasty styrofoam and glass wool in the walls...

Tadaa! Unfortunately, the gable panels, some of the roof panels, and some of the frame timber is in pretty bad shape, so all that will have to be replaced.

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