Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

So the blog is experiencing a bit of a silent treatment at the moment. Not because my fingers aren't itching to clean up the lovely old circus wagon trailer and start building, but right now I've got two other big things going on that are taking up my time: one being my driver's licence, which I will hopefully have by next week, should I not experience severe brain failure during the driving test (which I very well might) - which brings me to number two: the fact that I'm very pregnant and the baby could decide to show up any time now! (But most likely in another three to four weeks.) I tell you, pregnancy makes you not very clever. It's hard to keep track of many things at once and it's easy to get stressed over nothing. All I really want to do is take my time, take it easy, chill out, and blissfully be. So once I've done my driving test on Tuesday and either miserably failed or victoriously passed, I don't know whether I'll find the energy to pull the trailer out from the barn and give it a good pressure wash (to get the years of circus mud off), or if I'll just leave it to hibernate while I mentally sink deeper into my pre-baby bubble. Time will tell, but rest assured that the project will move along - eventually!

Meanwhile, I'm collecting inspiration on a regular basis and if you haven't checked out my Pinterest boards yet, why not give them a browse?

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